How to access Hirepool Ltd copy invoices, credit notes and statements

  1. Go to
  2. Select ‘Login’ and then ‘> Invoice and Statement Archive
  3. Login – Select ‘Sign up for a new account
  4. Complete the Login Information
    • Email address - the email address to associate with your Hirepool login details. This may differ from the email address associated with your Hirepool account if you choose. This must be a valid address, as you will receive a confirmation email, and can be used in future to recover a lost password.
    • Username - the username you wish to use to login
    • Full Name - Your full name, used for display purposes
    • Choose a Passowrd - enter the password you wish to use to login to your account. This must be at least 8 characters and contain at least one upper-case, one lower-case and one numeric character.
    • Confirm Password - re-enter your chosen password.
  5. Enter Your details
    • Customer Number - Your Hirepool Customer Number
    • Email Address - The email address associated with your Hirepool Customer Number (this is where your invoices are emailed to).
    • After clicking Next, the confirmation screen is displayed.
    • After clicking Create, you will be told that an email has been sent with a link to confirm registration. Should something not be correct you will see this instead:
    • If it all goes well, you will see this:

  6. Confirmation
    • Checking the link in your email will activate your account and take you to the Login page. You will receive a second email confirming that your registration is complete.